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An unforgettable day in the Palm Springs desert sightseeing

The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens
The Palm Springs Zoo was named the Living Desert for good reason. Palm Springs Living Desert is a 1,200 acre zoo as well as a botanical garden. Roaming the “Living Desert” are: mountain lions, wolves, javelins, bobcats, cheetahs, zebras and leopards, just to name a few. The Living Desert is such a fine replica of a true desert that you can witness some of the many problems that arrive from animals living in an arid climate. You can watch the animals find creative ways to quench their thirst for the never ending search for water. After a day at Palm Springs Living Desert, you can relax by the pool at the Desert Sun Resort.

Joshua Tree National Park
Where the Colorado and Mojave Deserts meet, is a stunning display of ecological and geological wonder, with giant twisted Joshua trees, cacti and desert fan palm surrounded by giant rock formations. (about 1 hour from resort)

Palm Springs Windmills
When arriving into the Palm Springs area, the towering giant windmills are hard to miss. This is the efficient energy source that the Department of Energy anticipates may supply as much as 20% of US electricity by the year 2030, and why this Desert area location was chosen for a high concentration of active windmills. (approx. 15 min. from resort on the way to outlet malls & Morongo Casino)

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