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The Nude Resort Experience for Men

Palm Springs near Los Angeles, California

Men enjoy the ability to relax and get away from the stresses of everyday life. Guests say that being on a two day clothing optional vacation is the equivalent to a week vacation at a normal resort because they are able to relax so much. Think about it. When you get home from work, what is the first thing that you do?  Most people will immediately start taking off their watch, their tie, their suit, etc. It is a way to shed the stress of the everyday world.

Feel like a kid again. Bond with your spouse. Meet new friends without the pretenses of everyday society. Enjoy how the sun feels. Have a fun game of volleyball. Read a book. Sit in the hot tub. Get a massage. Have a drink. Discover why Desert Sun Resort has such a loyal following. Once you experience a clothes free vacation, you will want all of your vacations to be nakations at Desert Sun Resort, the best California nudist resort.

FAQ for Men Only

Are single men allowed?
We allow everyone the experience of a nude vacation. Singles are allowed as guests if they have a room. We limit the number of available rooms for singles so please book ahead.

Can single men come for a daypass or purchase an annual membership?
As a private club, in order to keep the gender ratio more even, we only offer daypasses and memberships to couples.

Are there special rules for single men?
The rules are for for everyone. Please be mindful of staring or making anyone feel uncomfortable or you will be asked to leave. Behavior requiring an apology is not tolerated. Nudist are very friendly, welcoming people but please make sure that you are not intruding on a romantic weekend.

What if I get physically excited?
Most men are worried about this. Getting excited is very rare because the resort provides a place for relaxation. On the rare occasion that this does occur, just simply cover up with a towel, turn over or take a quick dip in the pool.

What if I am ready but my wife or girlfriend isn’t?
This is common. Typically, women are more wary than men at first of going to a clothing optional resort. For some, the idea of being seen nude—and seeing others nude—is filled with psychological tension. A spouse or significant other can help reduce the tension, but only if caution and sensitivity are exercised. Remember, every naturist had a "first time." Many who were most reluctant initially are now avid naturists. The best way is to be open and honest about wanting to try it. We work hard to provide a safe, non-sexual atmosphere for everyone.