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First Time Nudist Experience

Palm Springs near Los Angeles, California

Desert Sun Resort is a place where first time guests can be comfortable. Dont worry if this is your first nude vacation. We work to provide a safe, non-sexual atmosphere where acceptance is the norm.

Everyone who has been to our clothing optional resort will tell you that after the first 10 minutes, you will forget that you are au naturel. It will just feel comfortable.

Being without clothes will feel relaxing, like when you get home from work and peel off your clothes to get comfortable. Shedding your clothes helps to shed stress. Maybe that is why we have so many guests that are from high stress jobs that wear a uniform such as police, firemen, doctors, paramedics, etc.

You will also find that nudists are very friendly. It is like being part of a club. Don’t be surprised if people just want to strike up a conversation or greet you. Guests have made lifelong friends at the resort.

Being without clothes takes away the pretenses of everyday life. You will find yourself relating to others on the basis of who you really are rather than who your clothes say you are.

We are a private club resort. Membership is only a one time $10 per person on your first visit.    

Things you need to know as a First Timer:

  1. Always sit on a towel wherever you go. (We provide them at the front desk.)
  2. Please do not stare at anyone or make them feel uncomfortable.
  3. No cell phones or cameras are allowed because we respect everyone’s privacy. (Celebrities even feel comfortable coming here because we monitor this rule closely.)
  4. Just have fun and don’t be so uptight about what you do or don’t look like. Everyone is beautiful here.
  5. Watch the desert sun. It feels great on your body but bring sunscreen. (We also have shade trees and umbrellas to relax under.)

Try Desert Sun Resort. You will love it and will want to make all of your future vacations- Nakations!