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FAQ's of our Clothing Optional Palm Springs Resort

Are you Clothes Free or Clothing Optional?
We allow bikini bottoms or wraps in the quiet pool or hotel jacuzzi areas. We are clothes free in the volleyball pool area. You are free to be nude or wear what is comfortable anywhere else on the resort grounds.

Do you allow cameras?
The use of any camera or device with the ability to take pictures or video, such as cell phones and laptops, by any unauthorized person, is strictly prohibited. Our guests privacy comes first. Please do not use cell phones without a sticker to cover the camera at the front desk. Talking on a cell phone is still prohibited except in restricted areas. Please cover up the camera with a sticker that you get at the front desk if you would like to use an Ipad or laptop around the pool.

Are you Adult Only?

Yes. Guests must be over 18 years of age. Our guests want to have a place to relax and get away from the stresses of everyday life such as children. The resort does not allow any open sexual activity even though we are adult only.

Is sexual activity allowed?
Desert Sun Resort is a nudist resort. No sexual activity or the appearance of sexual activity is allowed in public or you will be asked to leave. Everyone should feel comfortable. Behavior needing an apology is not welcome.

Are you affiliated with any Nudist Associations?
We are proud to be affiliated with The Federation of Canadian Nudists. We do not accept AANR or TNS as they cancelled our affiliations because we are adults only and do not allow children under age 18 at the resort. 

Are you Couples Only?

Most of our guests are couples. We do have a limited number of rooms for single overnight guests but day passes and memberships are couples only in order to keep the gender ratio more even.

Do you allow single men?
We only offer a limited number of rooms to singles so please book early. In order to keep the gender ratio more even, we do not offer day passes or annual memberships to singles anymore.

Why do you not allow families with kids?
The resort is adult only. We simply are trying to create a get away for couples to come to that they can truly relax. Also, our facilities are not kid friendly and we do not have activites for children.

What do guests wear in the restaurant or night club?
You can wear whatever is comfortable except a bathing suit- even a bathrobe, but most guests choose to dine in the nude. Guests come from all of the world to be able to not worry about clothes and to relax without judgement. We keep our restaurant warm enough to be without clothes all year long so if you do choose to cover up, wear something light.

Can you wear undergarments?
No, please do not wear your bra, panties or boxers around the resort. We suggest to wear a wrap, sarong, sundress, towel, robe, etc. if you wish or the weather is a little chilly. You will feel much more comfortable. You may wear undergarments in the nightclub if you want but most guests choose to be nude.

What if someone is staring at me or does something inappropriate?
Please report to a Desert Sun Resort employee immediately. At Desert Sun Resort, we take your concerns seriously and any guest will be warned or asked to leave immediately. I think you will find that our guest are very friendly and polite. People make lifelong friendships here. It is rare that someone acts badly but we want to address it immediately if it does. Our staff cannot be all places at all times, so we count on our guest to report anonymously any bad behavior.

What are your office hours?
Our front office is all hours, seven days a week in order to meet any of our guest needs.

What are your pool hours?
Our pools and hot tubs are lighted and do not close. Night temperatures in the desert can be very pleasant. We have heated pools all year long.

What are your hours in the cafe?
During season, we are open seven days a week. Please check the Restaurant page for current hours. The Cafe is closed during December and January. 

Do you serve alcohol?
Yes, we have our own liquor license. Drinks are served in the cafe and poolside when the cafe is open.

Can you bring your own alcohol?
Alcohol is not allowed outside by pools and jacuzzi during hours that the cafe is open. Please support our cafe and servers.

What are your check in and check out times?
Guests can check onto the property as early as 12 noon. If you wish to check in earlier, then there is a $40 early arrival fee. Guaranteed check in is at 4pm. Check out is 12 noon. You may request late checkout at the front desk. Late check out fees: Mon-Thurs $50, Fri-Sun $75, holiday/holiday events: $125 OR you can check out of your room and stay on property until 4pm for no extra fee. 

Do you have heated pools?
Yes, we always heat our pools so that are comfortable for our guests. Our vollyball pool is kept at 80 degrees year round. the quiet pool is not heated December and January. 

Can I stay and enjoy the sun after I check out of my room?
Yes, guests can stay on property until 4pm with no extra charge.

When is the best time to visit?
February-November has warmer weather but it is always warmer than most parts of the country. We also have specials in Dec. and Jan. Our two firepits and propane heaters make it comfortable to enjoy the desert sky at night all year long. We also have comfortable chairs set up in the cafe during the winter for a warm place to relax on the rare occasion that the temperatures are not in the 70s or 80s.

Do you provide pool towels?
Yes, oversized pool towels are given at check in and can be exchanged anytime for clean ones at front desk. We buy new pool towels each year so that our guests have quality towels.

What should I bring?
Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, sandals. Towels are provided for hotel and day guests. (It is proper etiquette to ALWAYS use a towel to sit or lounge on.) In winter months, a robe may be comfortable in the evenings.

Is the hotel safe?
Desert Sun Resort is a private, gated property with code locks that are frequently changed. Hotel staff is on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Private, gated parking is also available. There is also a small safe provided in the hotel and courtyard rooms.

What is your average age of guests?
We have guests of all ages but our average age is 35-55 which is much younger than most nudist resorts because we are a vacation destination.

Will I feel self-conscious?
You will quickly discover that people really do come in all shapes and sizes and that all of us, as far as our bodies are concerned, have nothing to hide. Nudists respect each others individuality regardless of size, shape or body condition. In fact, our own self esteem is enhanced by our ability to accept ourselves as we really are.

Are tattoos or piercings allowed?
There are no policies against either.

Can I wear clothes in the gym?
The gym is clothing optional. Wear what is comfortable but always use a towel when sitting or cleaning off equipment.

Do you have internet?
We have free WI-FI throughout the resort with over five different antennas to reach our six acres. W ask that you be respectful of other guests and limit any video or music streaming on the WIFI.

Do you provide coffee?
Coffee is available in the lobby and cafe when open and select rooms in Courtyard, Villas and Condos have coffee makers. 

Do you have a refrigerator in rooms?
We have Mini-Frigerators in all of the Chaparral rooms and the Courtyard rooms that do not have full kitchens. The Courtyard Suites (Rooms 5,6 and 7)  have larger half refrigerators All of the Villas and Condos have full kitchens including full sized refrigerators, microwave, oven, and stove.

Do you have hairdryers or irons?
Hairdryers and irons are in all of the Chaparral and Courtyard rooms. They are by request in the Villas and Condos.

What if I run into someone I know?
People forget how big this world is! Chances are you will not run into anyone that you know but if you do, keep in mind that they are enjoying nude recreation the same as you.

Why do people choose nude recreation?
Nudists choose to enjoy their free time in the most natural way possible. To relax and be nude is to be totally free of the stresses of everyday ilfe.