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Nude Photo Shoot in Allure

Celebrities Pose Nude to Promote Body Acceptance in Allure Magazine May issue

Nude Photo Shoot in Allure

Allure magazine has celebrities pose nude so that the average women can identify with their nervousness to be naked even if they have no figure flaws in the normal person’s eye. Most of the celebrities say that they were self-conscious about doing the nude shoot. It seems that all women have body issues even super models.

Allure promotes that confident women are those who are willing to bare it all and one thing is in common for every celebrity that sheds her clothes in Allure magazine’s next issue, they all say that they feel better about themselves and more comfortable in their own skin after doing the shoot. I think that is the exact same feeling that guests have after their first experience at a clothing optional resort.

Maria Menounos, from Dancing with the Stars, admits that she “has some serious issues about her body. But I want to get over that.”

At 43, Debra Messing's decision to pose nude came from a natural process of self-acceptance. "Once you have a child, once you pass 40, you have a different relationship with your body," she said. "I love my body in a way I never have before."

Heidi Klum says it all in the interview about the shoot. “You just need to be comfortable in your own skin but I am a nudist in any case. I have never had a problem with my body and I don’t really care about what people think.” She said the nude pictures do not bother her in the slightest.

I think that when women first consider the idea of going on a clothing optional vacation, they think that they will be judged on their body. What they find is that being a nudist and enjoying a clothes free vacation is about being free and accepting who you are not what you look like.

I feel more comfortable in my own skin as a 40 something than I ever did in my twenties because of my experience at Desert Sun Resort. I am forever grateful for that and I love it when a first time visitor comes up to me and professes her new found confidence in her own body.

Don’t put off trying your first nakation. Your body will love you for it. Try nude! 2020

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