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It is Fun to Vacation at Desert Sun

It has been a busy Holiday Week with back to back sell out weekends at Desert Sun Resort.

I wanted to share an email that I just received from a guest that was a first time visitor that really made me feel good. I have not altered a word except for the omission of the guest names for privacy reasons. This is really why we love this place and the happiness it brings to naturist , nudist and part time nakationers alike.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Dear Desert Sun Resort Staff,

We want to take the time to reflect on the wonderful weekend we had at the Desert Sun Resort on the 4th of July Celebration Weekend .

We have been naturists "privately" for many years, mostly confined to the seclusion of our home and back yard.  Knowing there was more to be offered, and continually worrying about the kids coming home earlier that expected, we decided to venture out into a social setting.  It is by chance alone that we came across the DSR and picked last weekend to come out. 

The atmosphere offered at DSR, the professional & courteous staff and the genuinely friendly people that we met & interacted with over the three days made the biggest impact on us.  From the welcoming smile of the receptionist as we walked in the front door, to the  "come back soon" from Jack as we left for work at 6:00 Monday morning, we cannot remember feeling more at home or relaxed on any vacation we have had.  This hospitality and the beautiful grounds, perfect pools, cafe, karaoke, dance club and the rest of the amenities offered made for a perfect weekend getaway. After a few steps from our room towards the ice machine our reservations melted away and we were convinced we had made the right choice.

While luck played a part in getting us to the DSR, it is the experience that will bring us back many times to come.  We've already made reservations for Halloween, will possibly be there Labor Day Weekend, but will be there sooner if we can.

Thank you for providing the ideal environment for this life changing experience and our first encounter with the world of naturism. 2020

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