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Signature Relaxation
Escape into a world of absolute bliss, this massage promotes a state of deep relaxation by using a variety of soothing Swedish strokes and techniques that alleviate tension, stress and improve overall well being.
Full: 50 minutes – $95
Deluxe: 80 minutes – $145

Deep Tissue Massage
Dissolve your aches and strains with firm pressure and specified techniques. Targeting areas of tension is the focus of this truly effective deep tissue massage. IDEAL for guests with issues of chronic tension, and experienced with massage.
Full: 50 minutes – $110
Deluxe: 80 minutes – $160

Couple's Relaxation Massage
Couple's massage is the perfect way to experience our signature relaxation with your special someone.
Full: 50 minutes – $100 each
Deluxe: 80 minutes – $150 each

Couple's Deep Tissue Massage
This couple’s massage includes deep pressure and deep tissue techniques to alleviate sore muscles and chronic tension. Both will leave the Spa feeling  stress-free and ready to have fun in the sun!
Full: 50 minutes – $115 each
Deluxe: 80 minutes – $165 each 

Hot Stone Massage
Stone massages are great for providing relaxation while addressing mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. The penetrating heat radiates deep into muscles, warming down to the core. This unique therapy incorporates Swedish massage and the use of warm smooth stones for a relaxing and relieving massage sensation you won't forget!
Full: 50 minutes – $120

Back, Neck, & Shoulders Massage
Enjoy a relaxation massage concentrating on those areas that commonly hold most of our muscle tension and stress.
Full: 50 minutes – $95

Four Hands Relaxation Massage
Twice as nice in half the time! Experience the pleasure of two therapists working in tandem to soothing music. Enjoy a head and foot massage at the same time.
Full: 50 minutes – $200