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Desert Sun Naturist Spa


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Today, area residents and international travelers alike seek refuge from all things taxing within our wonderfully serene and natural setting. Whether enjoyed as a day spa or as a destination retreat, an ever-changing array of options helps to bring mind, body and soul into balance. Discover peace and indulge your senses at our Naturist Spa.

The Desert Sun Spa is nestled in Palm Springs, California, in a soothing desert environment, which stimulates the senses and feeds the soul. Tucked away in its California desert setting, the Spa is one of the highlights of visiting the Desert Sun Resort. So treat yourself to the only full-service naturist spa in Palm Springs. Our professional staff has years of experience pampering both nudists and non-nudists. The thoughtful approach to its design and the spa services offered will enhance your experience at the Spa and Resort.

Enjoy an experience of freedom at Desert Sun Resort's clothing optional resort.

Because of the Spa's popularity, we sometimes are not able to accommodate last minute appointments, especially in season. We recommend that you schedule your treatments when making your resort reservations to avoid being disappointed.