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Room Updates

Jan 07, 2013 | posted by Elizabeth Young

Every year, our team at Desert Sun Resort gets ready for the new year by cleaning, polishing and replacing anything that would affect our guest's experience.

Our team deep cleans all of the rooms,restaurant, spa and outdoor areas.  Every bit of concrete was professionally cleaned and we recoated the concrete around the spa and cafe areas. The kitchen in the restaurant was professionally steam cleaned because we care.

The last week of December, we installed brand new carpet in the Courtyard.

In the Chaparral Rooms, we had a professional designer come up with a plan for our bedding. We ordered custom made bed throws, pillow rolls, and skirts. We ordered new, higher quality bed sheets for all of our hotel rooms. Even though the bed comforters were almost new, we feel that this will give a clean, updated look.

Desert Sun Resort has never quit investing in the property. We are not for sale like the smaller inn in town and we are committed to the future.

Can't wait to see you back. Check out the upcoming events-- Superbowl, Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras!!!

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