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Occupancy Ratings

May 21, 2012 | posted by Elizabeth Young

It is funny how another local nudist hotel always advertises that they have the highest "occupancy" rates during the week.   This is made by a nudist hotel that does not want consumers to realize that they have a small property. When you have just a handful of rooms to sell, it is easy to have high "occupancy".  Most people choose Desert Sun Resort as their vacation spot seven days a week, because they like seeing more than "twenty people on property".  We enjoy this statement because it is a futile attempt to make it sound like they have more guests than their competitors.

Trickery in words is a specialty by some businesses. They make statements for the purpose of misleading consumers. Statements like, "voted #1 by XYZ (fill in the blank). A statement that they know that most consumers cannot verify.  

We find that consumers are more interested to know that Desert Sun Resort has 91 rooms, three pools, two Jacuzzis, a spa, a nightclub, and a full-service restaurant on our property. During the past four years, Desert Sun Resort has had more guests than any other nudist resort in California. Yes, having high occupancy at a small hotel does not mean that there are more people there during the week.

Let's do the math:

17 rooms @ 60% occupancy = 10 rooms (approx. 20 people)

91 rooms @ 40% occupancy = 36 rooms (approx. 73 people)

Clearly, having the highest occupancy does not have much to do with anything except trying to trick you into going anywhere but the best resort in Palm Springs, Desert Sun Resort!

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