Desert Sun Resort

New Cool Deck

Jan 14, 2012 | posted by Elizabeth Young

We are getting ready for the new season! We just finished recoating our cool deck around the cafe and volleyball pool at Desert Sun Resort.

Unlike a regular hotel in Palm Springs, guests come here to relax at the resort and enjoy the grounds during their stay. Some guests never even get dressed once to go outside the gates during their stay!

Even though our cool deck was put in new three years ago, it gets a lot of wear and tear during the year. We care about your experience here so we redid it and now everything is as new!

Can't wait to see you here in your favorite chair relaxing by the pool or enjoying a game of naked volleyball with new friends!

By the way, I took this picture this morning and the sun hitting the mountains in the morning is so beautiful that enjoying it is my favorite way to start the day. You must experience it in person next time you are here!


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