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AANR Discount No Longer Available at Desert Sun Resort

Aug 28, 2012 | posted by Elizabeth Young

On August 20, 2012, Desert Sun Resort received notification from AANR that individuals within AANR have decided to "suspend" the charter that Desert Sun Resort has had with AANR since 2008.  This decision was made mostly by volunteer board members, that ironically have businesses that are in competition with Desert Sun Resort. Here is the link to the letter with no reason given.

During the past five years, we have met with AANR officials on several occasions.  The purpose of these meetings were to better understand what AANR has done these past few years to support naturism going forward.  We have always looked at AANR as being an "East coast organization that supports nudist venues that are mostly trailer parks and campgrounds".  Their ideas and actions are outdated and we were looking for a plan that would move AANR forward.  We never understood why they were not comfortable supporting upscale nudist resorts for those nudists that want to vacation at a destination that offers more than a campfire, trailers, and outhouses. 

From 2008 through 2010, Desert Sun Resort was probably AANR's largest contributor for advertising dollars.  DSR gave AANR tens of thousands of dollars to help promote DSR and AANR.  We learned early on that our advertising dollars were not generating new business because DSR was not the type of resort that the average AANR member would pay to visit.  In 2010, we decided to withdraw our advertisements because we realized that AANR was clearly going a different direction than DSR.

If you were to look at membership during the past four years, DSR and AANR are going two completely different directions.  DSR is growing at a clip of 35% a year and AANR is a dying organization that is losing large percentages of their membership each and every year.  Two organizations going two very different directions.  Desert Sun Resort had over 3,600 first time visitors during the last twelve months. Most of these visitors experienced naturism for the very first time.  No other AANR business is growing that fast. If AANR could bring in 3,600 new members each year, they would be growing, as opposed to dying.

We made the decision in March of 2011 to no longer allow children at our resort.  A couple of AANR members felt the need to "control" every club and resort that is affiliated with AANR, by challenging our decision.  Although, AANR did not take an official position, many of their volunteer board members that are activist refused to allow any "change" to naturism.  We feel as a privately owned business, we have earned the right to make that choice, just like any other AANR affiliated club or resort.  Ironically, there are many other AANR clubs that do not allow children, but owners of those clubs sit on the AANR board as volunteers, so as of today, they have not had their charter suspended.

In February of 2012, as the owners, we made the decision to not renew our personal AANR "Premier" memberships, after being AANR members for several years.  We did this because we did not feel that the dues that AANR collected are being used for the sole benefit of it's (non board) members.  Paying air and hotel expenses for their "volunteer board" members to travel from nude club to nude club and have meaningless meetings is not money well spent in any organization.  It is our opinion that the AANR volunteer board members should pay their own travel expenses, and not use a huge part of the AANR budget on reimbursing these "volunteers".  The AANR organization is not doing well and if you "volunteer" for something, then volunteer.  Don't do it to get reimbursement from AANR for your free vacations to other nudist venues.

We are disappointed that AANR has been remiss in protecting the rights for nudists in Southern California.  They are quick to fight the battle for Florida beaches, but when nudists lost the right to use San Onofre beach in Orange County,  AANR ran and hid from the legal battle that lasted for several years. As a result, we no longer have a nude beach in Orange County to use.  Why didn't AANR engage and protect the rights for so many Southern Californians that pay their AANR dues every year?

Since 2008, Desert Sun Resort has received absolutely no benefit by being affiliated with AANR.  Their decision to "suspend" the charter for Desert Sun Resort will have no impact on our business model.  It would have been more professional for AANR to give a reason, but AANR is being ran mostly individuals that lack any type of business sense. Although, AANR has never done anything to promote DSR, it is our AANR member guests that lose as result of this AANR action.  We have been asked not to mention AANR on our website or in any marketing materials.  This means that if you are an AANR member, DSR can no longer give the AANR discount for your stay at DSR. 

It is time to ask yourself, what is the benefit of paying AANR your hard earned money if you are getting nothing more than a monthly newspaper and a paper membership card?


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